Bambuster Uster (CH) 2011


The Swiss Spieltraeumer Toni Anderfuhren, director of UsterKreativ, met the Dutch bamboo artist Antoon Versteegde for the first time in the spring of 2006. That meeting took place on the estate Kulturinsel Einsiedel of the German Jürgen Bergmann, near Gorlitz on the border of Poland. Five years later, they both were responsible for the first international performance of 'Bambuster'.

UsterKreativ - festival of creativity

Since 1996, creative-examination is a lively scene for design, culture, interaction and love of life in the heart of the city of Uster in Switzerland. At irregular intervals, the UsterKreativ festival constantly reinventing and sprayed on some days his magic in public spaces. The festival gives creative ways to actively creative collaboration, she invites you to stay longer and offers them a rewarding stay. Music, stories, drama and playful creative interventions shape the life of type-creative. Staging, work places and hospitality to make the place lively oasis for small and large people from many cultures in the middle of hectic everyday life.

Bamboo workshop - the lab

This year, the bamboo workshop by Antoon Versteegde transformed the area and its meadows, paths and scenes into a a surprisingly new look for life, activities, play, enjoyment and relaxation. Midst of the great world to grow bamboo installations, creations and actions in creative activity with children and families.

Free forms - bamboo on the move

Bambuster is a creative act of moving a particular bamboo structure, to change its position or location, to make somebody feel something. Antoon Versteegde designed the collapsible bamboo star shape with 24 bamboo sticks. With the help of seven European artists, directed by performance artist Anna Bauregger from München, the first show was held on Saturday, May 21, 2011 in the center of Uster, Switzerland.